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The place to be for planting advice and garden design!

“Your garden can be your outdoor living room. A place to lounge, eat and play with your family. A place where you can catch up with each other, while your kids are in bed, and relax with a glass of wine!”

People have asked me for advice on many cases:

  • My garden has too much shade, nothing will grow there. There is a great range of shadow-loving plants available to make your garden green and colorful. I provide you with a list of plants that will make you proud of your garden!
  • I would like to have a nice garden but have no time to maintain it. A good garden design will help you spend less time working in your garden. Send me an e-mail and I will be happy to visit you.
  • I love gardening but my balcony is only 12 square metres. Even on a roof-terrace or balcony you can grow little trees, beautiful climbing plants, fruit and vegetables. It’s all about good planting advice and styling.

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Who is Agnes?

I am a garden designer from the Netherlands, and to expand my network I have recently started to work in Oxfordshire. My purpose is to make your garden a pleasant place, where you want to be. Your garden is your outdoor living room, an area in which you can relax, eat and play.

Studio-9 can help you with a good design that fulfills your wishes and fits into your budget. A design that will last for many years, and which is worthwile and sustainable.

If you don’t need a design for your garden but are interested in some good plant advice, I will be happy to help. A good planting design will get your garden in balance, to make it look natural and healthy with colours from spring till autumn.

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A Quick-scan of your garden gives you new ideas and expert advice all together in a colorful sketch. This brings you one step closer to a new garden design.


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